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Friday 22 June 2018

15mm Nuclear Shrimp Hulk Suit

Those great guys at Nuclear shrimp sent me some 15mm samples to check out.

I decided to built the hulk suit first.

Straight forward build, though some skill is required.The fit is good but I would recommend pinning.
Pinning is always recommended as it aids in helping to glue the parts + being sturdier.( I use 1mm stainless steel rods to pin ). Just minor flash & some minute bubbles found & both are easily fixed.

I decided to convert the pose and do a mini diorama. Terrain is made of plastic sprue & usb cable wire. I imagined an mobile suit ) infantry support patrol in a urban setting ( ala  Titanfall ) . Suit is manouvering down a slope of girders & concrete.

All the joints were cut & separated , then pinned to allow maximum flexibility ( I even drilled & pinned the elbow & wrist ) You need a lot of skill & patience to separate the knees as you can easily damage the parts. I like the resin they have used as it is easily shaped.

Flat cable was used for detail. Damaged milliput extra armour , GS baggage & paper straps.
Though more eye candy , I did not put hydraulic cables on the outside as I always felt that they would be too fragile in a firefight.

I added aerials & may add an anti personnel m/c gun. I will glue the hatch semi open to reveal the windscreen underneath.

The model reminds me of a Mechwarrior Bushwacker & I would use it as a Primaris Space Marine Dreadnaught also. Can't wait to see the heavier version.

I put size comparisons here now  See my other posts for more pics.
See last pics  .

Thanks for your comments.

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