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Tuesday 8 February 2022

Robots - 3D printed in 18mm

I simply love robots,
Fell in love with them ever since I watched the first manga shows. Mazinga, Patlabor, Appleseed & all the rest. I remember as a child being glued to that B&w Blaupunkt ,built like a wooden tank, TV.😀

Resin printing has opened so many new venues. The problem is where I am going to find space for all the new models 😕.

Now I am going to start posting resin printed mechs bit by bit.

Here are some. These are printed in 18mm scale BUT be warned, printing 28mm at this scale ends up with fragile models  ( remember you are downscaling joints, legs, arms etc. ) .

They are the GRNt Police models from Turnbase minis.
Kindly offered by them as free on their website. They have some great minis especially if you're into 28mm near future or scifi. AND they also have anime like robots.( another in the long list of wants ..sigh...)

Thanks for your comments.

Here are some more, this time by Bombshell minis. Lovely Pulp genre ones.... I will kit bash them for sure....

Lazy Forger's 6mm minis printed in 18mm

Hello again all,
These are Lazy Forger's upcoming 6mm minis printed in 18mm. 

Quite pleased with the results ( except for some minor misprints, sometimes resin printing is crazy & I tend to over support !!! ) The detail is nice , especially the scopes, gun barrels & breathing pipes.

I learnt something new. There is no need to undercoat water washable resin ( I use Elegoo ) , just a blue black wash ( in this case ) & a dry brush of Citadel grey ( I like how this leaves a really nice matt finish ). Then apply colours . I did these using Contrast & my washes/mixes. 

Thanks for your comments. Z