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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Gw old Dark Eldar to Skitarii Part 2

Hello again all,
Here they are 20 finished ones.
I think they came out great.
Goes to show what one can do with spare bits and a bit of imagination.
Very easy to do. The one that took the most time was the pointing one, as I had to pin the rifle halfs.

I just added guitar spring bits in some places, brown stuff tabards, sprue backpacks & pouches.

Thanks for your comments.

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Gw old Dark Eldar to Skitarii

Hello again all,
Tried this out .I put leftover skitarii parts on old Dark Eldar.
Might as well put them to use.
A plus point is that they add females which Gw seem to have not made.
More work required.Most probably I will add front & back tabards and a backpack of some sort.
Some of them really fit the bill, like the female officer.
Thanks for your comments.

Monday 9 September 2019

28mm Deamon Sculpt ( perhaps NSFW )

I decide to continue my 10 year old project .
A deamon in 28 mm.
The tentacles were originally meant to be coming out of its back , now I am going to make it an octopus like creature.
Now I am stuck

Would love to hear suggestions. Horns? Wings? More tentacles? Armour ? etc.

I know it doesn't win a beauty contest but it is still a wip.

So I decided to remove the humanoid head & do a bovine one gnashing at the sword's crossguard.
Sword built out of plastic sprue .

Thanks for your comments.

GW Mechanicus

It was a good week & I had time to paint my Mechanicus.
Converted one dominus as I had 2.

Simple table top ready scheme.
Black undercoat
Gunmetal drybrush.
Warplock bronze on some detail.
Red cloak.
Ivory lines.
Wash with mix of agrax earthshade + burnt umber.
Went over with base colours, except gunmetal.
Glowing stuff made a mix of GW oxide + hexwraith glow + vallejo florescent yellow. Then some shades of blue.

Base done with a mix of red/brown dried paint + some ivory on a Talons crackle medium base. Very simple, quick  & effective way to do desert bases.

Thanks for your comments