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Friday 7 April 2023

Weird World War 2 --15/18mm German Mechs

Hello again all,
Here are my first 2 AEWW2 German medium mechs. 
I think they can easily be used in another steampunk/dieselpunk setting.

These are 3D printed & bought from Filamentio. 
Lovely posable ( ball & socket) models with very nice detail. 

They are designed for 28/32mm so building & re supporting in 15/18mm takes time ( tedious sometimes) but worthwhile. Note that I kitbashed the MG42 pintle mount & inserted a steel needle in it to make it stronger.
I love the bars ( bull bars?) on these models & this was the main reason I added loads of stowage.

If you're into this genre + sci-fi , he has more great mechs & vehicles. I will be printing & showing more... Plus also scifi ones not just AEWW2.
These will be used with my previous models ( still a lot to do ) Black-earth-6mm-uef-hulk-suits.html

Thanks for your comments.


  1. That's very nice. Any pictures of it unpainted? Any hints on printing issues?

  2. Thanks Ashley.
    Unfortunately it did not come to mind to take pictures of it unpainted.
    Hints on Printing issues ? That's a very good question & I wish I had the answer. Up to date i have never had a 100% perfect plate, always with some misprint or other.

    Even after finding the "best" settings for my Mars2P ( settings as in software & alignment ) & using a stronger FEP. For example the 5th photo shows a damaged plate. That is because only half was printed & I honestly do not know why. So I covered it with card + damage.

    If you have a Mars2P I can share my settings, perhaps that would help. I use elegoo Grey Water washable resin.


  3. We have a two printers, which my partner uses for work (one FDM, the other a resin). So, we'll work it out. Sorry to hear about your problems, it's definitely an issue getting jobs to print cleanly.