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Sunday 26 June 2016

HAF ( Hispameric Federation )

Hello again all,
Just finished my HAF ( Hispameric Federation), well almost finished.

Infantry are by Khurasan, Power Armour by Critical Mass & ACP special forces

Mecha by ACP & Mechwarrior. ( photos do bring out what's on a model , I had the ACP Valkyries for ages & I wasn't aware ( didn't see actually) they have round gear shapes on their elbows. I should start taking photos before painting)

Vechiles Khurasan & Scratchbuilt Cmnd Vechile & a heavily converted Revell M1 Abrams.

Not so sure about the blue star emblem might change it for HAF wordin.
Photos came out a bit bluish (?) pity as the models are imho much better looking.

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