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Friday 6 March 2020

15mm Ion Age - Scifi Gruundar

Hello again all,
15mm Alien Space dwarfs from Load ninja/ Alternative Armies . Can't remember what they were called. .
They're chunky & nice in a fuggly sort of way ( if one can say that !!! )

They could fill the role of Prospectors, Belters , Mercs , Traders ..... I based them on those plastic ( 20mm ?) pop off disks one gets from UK standard electrical boxes. These disks are usually thrown away which is a pity as they make great bases. The downside is that they're not magnetic like coins so I can't hold them with my magnet + cork figure painting holder.

The droids are scratchbuilt.

I'll show the scratchbuilt vehicles soon.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. The minis are a bit hit and miss sculpting wise, but I do like the command group. And as always, your scratch built drones look boss! Can't wait to see the build process.

    You're output astounds me mate :)

    All the best.

  2. Thanks Mr.P & commissar,
    Glad you like them. Yes the command group are some of the nicest ones as are some of the heavies.
    One tries one's best my friend :)....

    Will post more pics soonish...


  3. Thanks Skully :)
    I had completely forgotten they're called the Prang ...
    more pics soon.